Cassy's Cakes

264 Gleadless Road,

Heeley Green


S2 3AH

Call into the shop to see what flavours we have available today!

Alternatively, if you're looking for something in particular, contact us first to make sure we have it as our homemade stock in the shop does vary from day to day.

We do often have gluten and dairy free cakes by the slice in our shop. Please contact us before visting if you require these to avoid disappointment - They sell out fast!


All of our desserts are homemade on the premises, and are made in consideration of the pressures people are under in this day and age - To look good, to be slim, to feed your children less and less sugar, to have an active lifestyle etc, so we came up with the idea of

'Nice 'n' Naughty @ Cassy's Cakes'


A lot of our cakes and cupcakes are full fat, full sugar cakes, but then our other desserts such as our fat free, high protein homemade mousse. our low sugar and reduced fat ice cream, and our sugar free jelly allow you to have a treat, or treat the children without having to worry about diets or dental health!

Come and see us at Cassy's Cakes, and enjoy all your favourite treats with or without the guilt!

Tea & Coffee

WE sell a range of tea and coffee, from instant to speciality pod coffee.

Our instant coffee is a good Douwe Egbert blend, and our tea bags are Yorkshire Tea.

We have both Dolce Gusto and Tassimo coffee machines, with a full range of pod coffees, including Mocha, Cappuccino, Skinny Latte, Americano, Grande, Morroccan Tea, Choccocino. We also have a range of Knightsbridge brand fruit and herbal teas.


Our milkshakes come served in a large sized cup, and are avilable in a range of flavours including Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry and Raspberry

They can be made with either Full fat, semi skimmed or skimmed milk and blended with either ice or ice cream to thicken.


Our SKINNY MILKSHAKE is made with skimmed milk and sugar free milkshake syrup - No added sugar and virtually fat free! Unfortunately, the skinny milkshake is only available in strawberry flavour.


All of our milkshakes can be made in a dairy free, vegan friendly option, for which we use your choice of either almond, soya, or coconut milk. You can add ice to thicken if you wish.


Our Smoothies are made from a blend of fresh fruit, and can be made to your own specification. You can choose up to 5 different fruits per smoothie, along with either fruit juice or natural/fruit yoghurt to blend - You can get your 5 a day in just one drink.

Fruit available to use includes

Strawberry banana grape raspberry blueberry peach pear & More!

Cassys Cakes

264 Gleadless Road


S2 3AH


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